Relationship Counseling

My experience with Jill was wonderful. My sister and I barely spoke for ten years and this was devastating the whole family. I never thought we could have a loving family relationship but with Jill’s help we are getting along great. And, it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would to resolve our conflicts… We started talking again after a couple sessions and week after week it got better and better. Now we actually enjoy family gatherings and our kids are spending so much time together. Jill is so good at getting to the root of the problem and providing simple things we can do to improve the relationship. She has helped me, my sister, my mother and father communicate in a more loving and positive way…. Now I am using her services to improve my marriage of seven years. Life is too short and family and relationships are the most important thing in life…. It is worth every dime to have family harmony!

Feb 9, 2012