Anxiety and Stress Management

Stressed by Obligations and Responsibilities?

Do you find yourself often anxious and stressed? Life circumstances that often cause stress include managing finances, balancing family and work life, conflict in relationships, death of a loved one, career difficulties, loss of a home, and problems with health. It is normal to experience stressful situations in life. Anxiety and Stress Management Therapy can help people learn techniques to assist in reducing stress and also identify destructive thinking patterns that contribute to stress. Therapy often aims to help to promote self-care routines which may include prioritizing responsibilities, taking a realistic view of which obligations are manageable, and saying “no” more often. Simply having someone to talk to in which you feel heard and understood can reduce feelings of ongoing stress.

Anxiety symptoms can be disruptive and interfere with daily life when there are significant and persistent fears and worries that one does not feel quite able to control. Often people experience panic attacks, which can range from mild to severely debilitating. Panic attacks are a real, physical experience and the body may experience physical changes such as rapid heart beat, feelings of not being able to breathe, and tingling sensations in the arms or fingers. Often, the fear of having a panic attack can trigger more panic attacks. Anxiety and Stress Management Therapy can help one identify the thought patterns that contribute to panic attacks, and some people find that they benefit from assistance from medications prescribed by an MD.

About Jill Silverman, LCSW

Jill Silverman, LCSW has been helping individuals and couples with her introspective therapy for over a decade. With compassion and warmth, she is dedicated to assisting those who seek ways to handle life’s stressful situations, manage difficult emotions, reestablish and rebuild more rewarding relationships, and overcome negative feelings. With an office in the San Diego area, Jill Silverman is a therapist with the clinical knowledge and training to provide people with the coping skills they need to increase confidence and understand life’s ever-evolving challenges with clarity and insight.