Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Couples Counseling

Are you having difficulties in your relationship? Have you felt disconnected from one another? Couples counseling can help to resolve relationship conflicts and improve communication. Couples counseling can also minimize stress and anxiety and help to strengthen a good relationship. It is a place where time is set aside to talk without interruption so that a real understanding of one another can take place. Many couples find that they are able to talk about things they were never able to express. Others find they develop a new comfort level with communication and have less concern that a disagreement will turn into into a hostile argument. Counseling can help decrease resentment and create new patterns of communicating. Couples often get used to new ways of relating that they are able to continue on their own. Couples therapy can provide a forum for honest and direct discussion in which each person is able to feel heard and understood.

Understanding one another is more important for respect and connection than is solving every problem life throws your way.” Howard J. Markman, Fighting for Your Marriage