Anxiety and Depression

Have you not felt yourself lately? Everyone has “down” days, but persistent sadness, hopelessness and anxiety can negatively interfere with all areas of life. Clinical symptoms of depression may include persistent feelings of guilt, a loss of interest in enjoyable activities, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, irritability, difficulty concentrating, problems with motivation, feeling disengaged with others, and for some people, suicidal thoughts or feelings. It is known that the highest functioning individuals often seek out therapy to talk through emotional issues affecting their well-being.

Therapy can help normalize significant life stressors and help in overcoming distorted thinking patterns that contribute to depressed feelings. It can also help one to start feeling hopeful about the future, become more decisive and assertive, and increase feelings of self-acceptance and self worth. Having someone to talk to, maintaining healthy eating and sleeping routines, increasing physical activity, and for some people, the additional help of medications, can assist in overcoming depression and anxiety.

About Jill Silverman, LCSW

Jill Silverman, LCSW has been helping individuals and couples with her introspective therapy for over a decade. With compassion and warmth, she is dedicated to assisting those who seek ways to handle life’s stressful situations, manage difficult emotions, reestablish and rebuild more rewarding relationships, and overcome negative feelings. With an office in the San Diego area, Jill Silverman is a therapist with the clinical knowledge and training to provide people with the coping skills they need to increase confidence and understand life’s ever-evolving challenges with clarity and insight.