EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapist in San Diego

EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is a method of therapy which has been developed to address emotional distress arising from disturbing and unresolved life experiences. EMDR therapy is often used to treat depression, anxiety, grief, abuse, panic attacks, anxiety, trauma, phobias, post traumatic stress and other emotional difficulties. EMDR therapy is helpful for resolving present relationship issues stemming from past patterns of interactions.

When a traumatic or distressing experience occurs, it can interfere with how the brain copes with and processes the memory. EMDR therapy involves activating both the left and right sides of the brain while recalling the distressing life experience in order to more adequately process the memory contributing to the emotional disturbance. During the processing, old beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about the experience are connected with more positive and realistic information. After the treatment, the client can often recall the experience with a new perspective, new insight, resolution of distorted beliefs, and a reduction in emotional distress.

The therapist uses eye movements, tapping, or sounds, depending on the client’s preference. Eye movements are not a necessary form of the stimulation and clients can choose either a hand-held pulsating instrument or earphones with alternating sounds for the therapy.