Self Esteem Therapy and Personal Growth

Become Empowered – Feel More Secure

Clients often seek out self esteem therapy to become empowered and feel more secure within themselves. A healthy self-esteem is often the result of making your own decisions and accepting yourself even if you end up making a mistake. Through self esteem therapy with a trained professional, people can develop self-awareness in understanding and accepting past personal choices and actions that may have caused them shame or blame. Therapy can also help clients overcome old beliefs that are no longer serving them in a positive way, such as “I’m not good enough,” I’m a failure,” or “I’m not lovable.” From there the goal is to develop new beliefs that support personal growth and self-confidence. Through working out difficult emotions, clients are able to gain new insights into areas that contributed to their old belief systems and bring them into conscious awareness. Simply the experience of feeling heard, understood, and validated can increase a sense of self-value and worthiness.