How Can EMDR
Help Me?

EMDR is a well-known and widely researched therapy technique used to provide healing and relief from emotional distress. The EMDR process increases a client’s capacity to cope with the difficult emotions arising from events that have caused lingering grief, depression, anxiety, phobias, and PTSD. I have used EMDR for over 20 years to help provide people with profound relief from emotional distress.


During a traumatic incident, emotions become ‘frozen,” or trapped in the nervous system. They continuously become retriggered by present situations. During the EMDR process, these memories become “thawed out,” or released. EMDR desensitizes and reprocesses the associated distressing emotions, sensations, and belief systems. The memory is now stored in a way that is no longer damaging. What is useful becomes clearer and what is useless is discarded. Extensive scientific research and brain imaging scans are now able to show that EMDR significantly changes the regions of the brain that store and process memories.

Traumatic and distressing experiences overwhelm the brain. EMDR stimulates the left and right sides of the brain while the client recalls the distressing life experience. This activates the brain’s information processing system to rewire and rebalance the emotional disturbance. Normal information processing is resumed, and old beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about the experience are connected with more positive and realistic information.

Following a successful EMDR session, clients no longer relive the experience in the same way they did before. They experience a significant reduction in emotional distress and distorted beliefs. They can now recall the experience with a new sense of understanding and clarity. I highly recommend EMDR for anyone who is struggling with traumatic pain and stress.

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