Is Your Relationship Causing You Great Pain?

If you are struggling with difficult emotions related to issues with your partner,  I want to help you.  The decision to separate  and get a divorce can be a very personal and painful issue. The distress it can cause is often beyond overwhelming. No matter how difficult the relationship, both parties likely feel a sense of loss, hurt,  pain, or failure. A common belief that people often express  to me is “I have failed.”

The struggle often brings up many issues of uncertainty about the future. The anxiety over financial hardship. The disappointment over the loss of friends within your social circle.  The pain of losing family members who were close to you. The stress of realizing you will have less time in your children’s lives and the worry of how you will live with that. The angst about how to tell the children. The worry of how the children will feel and how they will cope. The distress over co-parenting and what that will look like.  The guilt about breaking up the family. Ongoing resentment.  The shame of feeling judged and misunderstood.

The decision to separate and the process of divorce in itself can be so traumatic.  No matter how amicably it goes, you may feel isolated and have feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. I want to help you handle and deal with the change that comes with divorce as well as work through the devastation, grief, and other difficult feelings.

If you are going through a divorce, let me help you navigate through the process. It helps to talk to someone privately who is objective and can validate and normalize what you are going through.