Do You Want To Build More Self‑Esteem?

Are you seeking to become empowered and feel more secure within yourself? Enhance your self-esteem? I want to help you. Healthy self-esteem is often the result of making your own decisions and accepting yourself even if you end up making a mistake. I can help you develop self-awareness in understanding and accepting past personal choices and actions that may have caused shame or blame. I can also help you overcome old beliefs that are no longer serving you, such as “I’m not good enough,” I’m a failure,” or “I’m not lovable.” Simply the experience of feeling heard, understood, and validated in a non-judgmental environment does wonders to increase self-value and worthiness!

I use a new cognitive therapy, ANSRS™ Emotional Relief, which can help you develop new beliefs that support personal growth and self-confidence. We often have subconscious beliefs interfering with our self-value that we may not be able to consciously identify or understand. ANSRS™ Emotional Relief gets to the root of the problem buried within the subconscious mind. For one who is interested in deep personal growth, you can’t get any deeper. I have used it with a countless number of clients and the results have been the quickest and effective of any therapy method I’ve experienced for personal development. My clients experience shifts in perceptions in which they are able to gain new insights into areas that contributed to their old belief systems which didn’t serve them. All unconscious insight that transforms into conscious awareness reflects a permanent change in that area. If you have a desire to feel better about yourself and strip away some of your old negative beliefs about yourself, don’t hesitate to ask me about this; I can help.