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A Transformational Story

“Jill was able to support my daughter’s healing on such a deeper level. It took ONE session to clear a trauma that some women never recover from.”


“Worth every penny!!  It works – just try it. It’s hard to find “the right” therapist to create positive change. However, Ms. Silverman’s use of EMDR & ANSRS bypasses the hours of getting to know each other and cuts right to the core of your issues with immediate long-lasting results. I was skeptical at first – but the scientific approach is more than just gadgets. I have had significant lasting results in just a few short weeks.  I came seeking help when I found myself overwhelmed with anxiety around a sudden legal issue involving my children. As a professional and single parent – time is a commodity. In 1 session I was able to get immediate relief that lasted. Each topic we explored was “put to bed” and I have not had to revisit them. I hate “talk therapy” find it pointless – I have smart friends that will listen to me for free so this science-driven approach was a perfect match for my time and need to resolve a problem and move forward. Legit the most cost-efficient and effective process I have had in 30 years. I can’t say enough positive – genuinely grateful for this experience. OH and the office space is beautiful which is a plus – easy to get to – easy to park – and near food, highway etc.”MM, 12/8/21

“My experience with Jill was wonderful. My sister and I barely spoke for 10 years and this was devastating the whole family. I never thought we could have a loving family relationship but with Jill’s help, we are getting along great. And, it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would resolve our conflicts… We started talking again after a couple of sessions and week after week it got better and better. Now, we actually enjoy family gatherings and our kids are spending so much time together. Jill is so good at getting to the root of the problem and providing simple things we can do to improve the relationship. She has helped me, my sister, my mother, and my father communicates in a more loving and positive way… Now I’m using her services to improve my marriage of 7 years. Life is too short and family and relationships are the most important thing in life… It’s worth every dime to have family harmony!” SS

“I worked with Jill using EMDR and Accelerated NeruoShifting to address past trauma and current challenges. I’m feeling very rooted. I’m now able to rationalize myself away from initial negative thoughts and express myself fully to coworkers. I was able to do things this week that I’ve been “working on” for months. I hit 5 goals in one day. It was amazing and powerful, I finally broke through my mental block. I’ve also started working on my own company with more fervor and I’m super excited about it. I feel like I’ve turned a corner. I feel freer. More confident walking through life. And most of all, more trusting of myself, my decisions, and my intuition.” — DC

“My Accelerated NeuroShifting sessions with Jill have been life-changing. OMG, I wish everyone could easily access this type of incredible therapy that uses EMDR and the frequencies of your voice. I have done A LOT of therapy but it never seemed to get me to be able to release the subconscious charge/energy or deep feelings and emotions I had around certain experiences. I have trichotillomania and am a highly sensitive person so I feel a lot and deeply, but I feel like this could help people with a lot of trauma, abuse, or even just can’t get rid of cycling thoughts or inability to forget something that makes them angry or resentful. Seriously it is like magic. Every time I leave a session I feel like a million bucks and resolved from whatever bothered me at the beginning of a session. No one seems to be doing this EMDR therapy like this, and I am so grateful to have found it. Jill is so compassionate and understanding, she explains it all and makes you feel safe and heard. Not all therapists are like this, trust me! This is a game-changing therapy, I love Accelerated NeuroHealing so much, and recommend it to everyone!” AH

“Jill Silverman helped me with post-traumatic stress. She lead me through a type of therapy called EMDR. The results were amazing. I got release of deep traumatic emotions. I was able to overcome my pain and see the hope before me. I highly recommend Jill for her compassion and incredible insight.” SA

“Jill Silverman has been a miracle worker in my family. My daughter and I have greatly benefitted from Jill’s warm, compassionate counsel after experiencing some family trauma (my spouse’s affair and now our divorce). Jill was especially able to provide comfort to my daughter at this time of grief, and helped me better understand my own gut feelings about how to proceed.” MJ

“I had the pleasure of receiving successful EMDR treatments, performed by Jill Silverman, LCSW, as a method to remediate my anxiety when flying.
Until those treatments, I had been taking pre-flight medication as a means to cope with longstanding anxiety during flight turbulence. I have not used medication since.
Jill explained the pathophysiology associated with my anxiety, and EMDR as a potential means to break the cycle of future flights. Her approach was caring, non-judgmental and safe.
For anyone considering this form of therapy, I would recommend Jill as a competent provider” — JL

“Jill is a wonderful therapist! Compassionate, knowledgeable, and personable! I highly recommend her services!” — JJ

“If you are looking for a warm and insightful therapist to guide you during a “life transition” I highly recommend Jill Silverman. I was feeling a little overwhelmed and vulnerable with a career change and wanted some help. From our first visit, I felt that I could trust her right away and I valued how she doesn’t “tell you what to do” rather she is there with you while you explore what is best for YOU. Again, if you are looking for an intelligent and trained professional, Jill is top-notch!”  — AA

“I’ve had a hard life. Since birth it’s been a struggle with one trauma after another. I’ve had significant family trauma. Once old enough to do talk therapy I did it for years, but never got much out of it. I never felt relief of the true misery I felt deep in my soul. Throughout life I have been and still triggered by things that have happened in my past. When I met Jill she could sense how much pain I was in, she suggested using Accelerated NeuroShifting. The initial time I did Accelerated NeuroShifting I was being constantly triggered by my child at home. She was constantly making me feel something terrible from childhood. It was terrible and I thought it would never end and inevitably tear the relationship apart. All my daughter was doing was saying something in such a way that really bothered me. After using Accelerated Neurohealing it disappeared, the sensitivity to what my child was doing was gone. Amazing! I had been triggered by my child for years with no end in sight and now…. Freedom. The second time doing Accelerated Neurohealing I felt like a blanket was covering me. I felt like a weight was lifted off of me in 10 minutes. Again, it was amazing! Some other results that I could see were, for example, a huge one, a physical problem that I have that previously felt like daggers in my heart and now it didn’t bother me. This has a huge impact on my life. I tend to have a hard time feeling comfortable and trusting and therapist. With Jill this is not an issue at all. I feel really comfortable with her and trust her very much. Jill is a very kind and understanding person. She is very down to earth and I would recommend her to anyone dealing with unresolved trauma. I am looking forward to using Accelerated NeuroShifting in my upcoming sessions to get through more of my issues.”AT

“Jill is an amazing counselor and an amazing person. She has worked with our family for three years, and when we were in a time of crisis, she went way beyond any normal expectation to help us through our difficult time. She was available after hours, while on vacation, all because she cared about her patient and wanted to help guide us through, and help us understand, what was occurring and how to best deal with it. I have known several counselors who are very good and very qualified, but none of whom went the many extra miles to help make sure our situation was properly addressed. I can highly recommend Jill.” — HM

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