Is your relationship causing you pain?Are you struggling with high anxiety?Are you suffering from a trauma?Has their been a devastating crisis?

I want to help you. I am an expert in helping my clients get out of emotional distress and suffering and into healthy thinking and living. I want to help you manage the struggle of unsatisfactory relationships, navigate stressful life situations, heal old hurts from past traumas, and cope with devastating losses. I have over 20 years of experience helping people so that they can live the amazing life they intended to have.

I specialize in using newer, powerful neurological processes which work more rapidly and deeply to relieve anxiety, emotional suffering, and PTSD. These tools increase confidence, promote positive thinking, and change relationship dynamics and as well as old patterns.

Have you been in therapy for years but have not quite been able to emotionally recover from traumatic pain? I have developed Accelerated NeuroHealing™, a unique cutting edge therapy that provides faster and more complete healing than EMDR alone. This therapy utilizes advanced voice technology to pinpoint areas of the brain that are in the most distress. I am a powerful ally in your healing and will guide you to find more balance, fulfillment and joy in your life.

I look forward to speaking with you!

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  • My Integrative Therapy and Counseling process combines traditional talk therapy with a holistic approach to mental health. A holistic practitioner considers the treatment of the whole person, taking into account many factors such as social environment and family history, as well as mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.
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  • Are you having difficulties in your relationship? Have you felt disconnected from one another? One of my specialties is helping couples to communicate and resolve issues. Whether it is relationship counseling or marriage counseling, couples often find themselves at a point where they decide to speak to a third party to help them sort out issues that have grown over time and are now interfering with the emotional satisfaction of the relationship.
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  • EMDR is a well-known and widely researched therapy technique used to provide healing and relief from emotional distress. The EMDR process increases a client's capacity to cope with the difficult emotions arising from events that have caused lingering grief, depression, anxiety, phobias, and PTSD. I have used EMDR for over 20 years with good results, providing people with profound relief from emotional distress.
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  • Are you suffering from old wounds even though you've tried therapy for years? Do have panic attacks that seem to come out of nowhere? Accelerated NeuroHealing™ is a new, cutting edge, neurological approach that provides deeper, faster and more powerful healing of emotional pain than other therapies. This process creates rapid scientific change in the brain which shifts and transforms distorted perceptions of ourselves and our experiences affecting our happiness, self worth, and relationships. With this therapy, we get to the root of the problem.
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Integrative Therapist
With Over
20 Years of Experience

You’ve come to the perfect place to begin healing from the inside out. Have you been in relationship pain or are you suffering from anxiety, depression and trauma? I want to help you live life in more joy and fullfillment so that you can live the amazing life you intended to have. Read more…

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A Transformational Story

“Jill was able to support my daughter’s healing on such a deeper level. It took ONE session to clear a trauma that some women never recover from.” Read More Testimonials…

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