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Do you find yourself struggling with anxiety?  Has a relationship caused you great pain? Are you suffering from depression or traumaI want to help you find your peace and well-being. I have been helping people navigate through life’s challenges for over 20 years.  I am an expert in helping my clients get out of emotional distress and into healthy thinking and living.

My passion is to help people overcome the pain of broken relationships, depression, anxiety, and trauma. I see both individuals and couples  I teach techniques to assist in effective communication, boundary setting, stress management, and conflict resolution. I offer tools to help people manage emotional suffering, overcome negative thinking, feel more confident, and create more loving relationships.

I help many of my clients who have PTSD with EMDR. In addition, I have developed ANSRS™ Emotional Relief, a new scientific approach in brain health resulting in faster and deeper healing of emotional pain. The process creates rapid shifts in perception, transforming negative belief patterns into positive ones. For people who have had years of therapy, this method produces quick and long-lasting emotional shifts out of the past and into relief and peace.

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Anxiety, depression, and trauma are common. Nearly 50% of all people will struggle with these issues at some point in their lives. However, there are many answers for emotional relief. I want to help you overcome the obstacles to creating balance, joy, and harmony in life.

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