Help for Frequent Panic Attacks

Are you suffering from anxiety, fear, or panic? Anxiety can range from mild to severely debilitating. When we are overwhelmed and feel we can’t control things, it often takes over our lives. Have you ever had a panic attack? Panic attacks are a real, physical experience.

Symptoms of panic attacks often include experiencing a rapid heartbeat, feelings of not being able to breathe, and tingling sensations in the arms or fingers. Many people often run to the ER because they think they are having a heart attack, only to be sent home after being told that they were “only having a panic attack.” Once you’ve had a panic attack, the fear alone of having one can trigger another one, even if you don’t know what is making you anxious.

EMDR is a therapy tool that addresses the problem at its root cause.  Also, I have developed a new cutting edge method using advanced voice technology, Accelerated NeuroHealing™ (ANH). This modality scientifically encourages the brain to see experiences from new perspectives. The therapy pinpoints the source of anxiety and relieves it quickly at a deep level. Clients are able to bring very upsetting feelings into therapy and leave feeling profound relief.