Are You Dissatisfied at
Your Workplace?

Do you find yourself overworked, completely depleted, or arguing more with co-workers? Would you rather be doing anything else than working at your job? The workplace can be a stressful environment in which there is significant competition and pressure to perform. Work schedules can be demanding and it is often difficult to balance work and family life. Financial stress contributes to the pressure to keep up. My clients often come to therapy to talk about work-related anxiety, challenges with co-workers and bosses, and situational stressors that interfere with concentration and job performance. Having someone to talk to about this can help you decrease stress, increase assertiveness, and manage conflicts in better ways.

I can help when job dissatisfaction is causing significant unhappiness, hopelessness, stress, and anxiety. A job or career change may seem impossible and unrealistic, and you may feel very alone. Therapy can help to normalize these feelings and assist you in gaining insight into your future career paths and making decisions that support your happiness. Just having someone to talk to other than friends and family can decrease anxiety and shed perspective on various situations, leading to feelings of increased confidence, control, and personal satisfaction.

I have developed a new scientific therapy modality Accelerated NeuroShifting (ANS™) which can help with the anxiety you may feel at work or with interpersonal relationships with coworkers. It gets to the root of the problem to eliminate stress at a core level beyond conscious awareness. If you are experiencing anxiety at work and it’s interfering with your enjoyment of life, don’t hesitate to ask me about this; I want to help you.