Conditions I Treat

  • Trauma and PTSD
    Is traumatic stress holding you back from living the peaceful life you’ve imagined? Do you find your past memories replaying in your mind like a record player stuck in a vicious repetitive loop? What if you could stop reliving past trauma and gain relief from its debilitating symptoms? Read more…
  • Depression
    Have you not felt yourself lately? Everyone has “down” days, but persistent sadness, hopelessness, and anxiety can negatively interfere with all areas of life. Depression can range from mild to moderate, to more severe in the way it affects normal everyday living. Read more…
  • Anxiety
    Are financial, health, career, or relationship problems causing you profound anxiety? Do you suffer from anxiety and you don’t know why? Or are you just afraid something bad is going to happen? Because we’ve experienced major difficulties in the past, we feel they could happen again any time soon. It’s hard not to worry about problems you can’t solve. Read more…
  • Divorce
    Are you struggling with difficult emotions related to issues with your partner? The decision to separate and get a divorce can be a very personal and painful issue. The distress it can cause is often beyond overwhelming. No matter how difficult the relationship is, both parties likely feel a sense of loss, hurt, pain, or failure. A common belief that people often express to me is “I have failed.”Read more…
  • Infidelity
    Are you struggling with a betrayal? The crisis of infidelity is a very personal and painful issue. The initial shock of discovery and the continued distress can be beyond devastating. Read more…
  • Work Dissatisfaction
    Do you find yourself overworked, completely depleted, or arguing more with co-workers? Would you rather be doing anything else than working at your job? The workplace can be a stressful environment in which there is significant competition and pressure to perform. Work schedules can be demanding and it is often difficult to balance work and family life. Financial stress contributes to the pressure to keep up. My clients often come to therapy to talk about work-related anxiety, challenges with co-workers and bosses, and situational stressors that interfere with concentration and job performance. Having someone to talk to about this can help you to decrease stress, increase assertiveness, and manage conflicts in better ways. Read more…
  • Grief and Loss
    Have you lost a family member or friend, a pet, a job, or a house? Are issues with health, financial burdens, and interpersonal relationships causing you to feel depressed or abandoned? The emotion of grief is often intense, painful, and overwhelming. Read more…
  • Self Esteem
    Do you want to become empowered and feel more secure within yourself? Healthy self-esteem is often the result of making your own decisions and accepting yourself even if you end up making a mistake. I can help you develop self-awareness in understanding and accepting past personal choices and actions that may have caused shame or blame. I can also help you overcome old beliefs that are no longer serving you in a positive way, such as “I’m not good enough,” I’m a failure,” or “I’m not lovable.” Simply the experience of feeling heard, understood, and validated in a non-judgemental environment does wonders to increase self-value and worthiness! Read more…

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