Answers for Relief, Peace and Well‑Being

Do you find yourself struggling with a difficult or traumatic life situation? Are you still suffering from deep wounds of the past?  I am an expert in helping my clients get out of emotional distress and into healthy thinking and living. I have developed ANSRS™ (Advanced Neurological Shifting Relief Solution) to help clients gain more rapid and deep relief from emotional pain, anxiety, and traumatic stress. This therapy helps clients who have had past therapy but continue to suffer from emotional distress, ANSRS™ Emotional Relief provides a deeper level of healing than traditional talk therapy alone.

ANSRS™ for Relief, Peace and Well-Being.

ANSRS™ Emotional Relief is a cutting-edge, scientific approach that restores emotional balance to the brain to quickly and deeply heal anxiety, fear, and other painful emotions. The ANSRS™ process creates rapid change in the brain, shifting and transforming distorted perceptions of ourselves and our experiences affecting our happiness, self-worth, and relationships. Have you had therapy and found yourself repeating the same story over and over again? With ANSRS™, we get to the root of the problem affecting your emotional health.

Benefits include:

  • Healing of traumatic emotional wounds
  • Increased sense of peace and well-being
  • Healthier self-perception
  • Natural return to positive thinking
  • Improved relationship dynamics
  • Decreased anxiety, panic and fear

Why Do We Experience Emotional Pain?

Our bodies hold on to the pain of our traumatic life experiences within our cellular memories. When a person experiences a distressing or traumatic experience, the regions of the brain that store memories cannot process them as they do normally. These difficult memories become ‘frozen,” or trapped in the nervous system. The trauma continuously becomes retriggered by present situations.

How does ANSRS™ Work?

ANSRS™ uses advanced voice therapy technology and bilateral alternating tactile stimulation to access the part of the brain that processes trauma and memories. Your voice contains sound frequencies which are holographic representations of your emotional health and well-being. When you express your emotions related to a traumatic experience, the sound in your voice reflects the subconscious emotional state related to the trauma.

This therapy process locates areas in the brain under the most distress and provides you with the frequencies your voice is missing related to what you are feeling and saying. The brain is then able to shift out of the specific emotional state that needs healing. This results in a transformation and restoration of emotional balance in the brain.  Clients are then able to release persistent negative thinking patterns they were never consciously aware of contributing to the root of the distress.

ANSRS™ helps clients to quickly heal trauma at a far deeper level than can be accessed by the conscious mind. The results consistently contribute to increased emotional resilience, a greater sense of self-esteem, and the resolution of destructive relationship patterns. If you have tried therapy in the past and you are still suffering from emotional wounds, ANRS™ is the logical next step. It is ten times more powerful and effective than EMDR alone. ANSRS™ causes the brain to shift out of emotional pain and create new areas of self-understanding, perception, and confidence.

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San Diego Therapist, Jill Silverman

ANSRS™ for Relief, Peace and Well-Being
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